All BLDHTX training is done with positive reinforcement through mini-sessions incorporated into the Daycare day. Your dog will be able to enjoy play time with friends and focused learning sessions. All training is reinforced in the daycare environment so that dogs can learn to apply their learning in more stimulating environments. Once a dog has completed training at BLDHTX they will wear a collar that shows all staff their training level so that their training can continue to be reinforced ongoing throughout their lifetime as they continue to play at BLDHTX. We look forward to helping your little one learn and grow!

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Level 1

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$1,100- includes 10 days of daycare

Level 1 training is foundation behavior and needed for all other training levels. The training focuses on getting the dog to think about their behavior and on impulse control. This focuses around PACE which stands for Polite Attentive Calm Exercise- this means that if a treat focused dog can sit but jumps right back up to grab the treat then they have not done sit in the way we are asking. In Level 1 this idea is introduced into all training and it will continue throughout all BLDHTX training levels. Level 1 includes taking treats gently, not invading a person’s space, keeping all four feet on the ground, making eye contact, relaxing, sitting for things they want without being asked to sit, learning the touch cue which is especially helpful for skittish dogs, “sit”, and  “down”. We also begin to work with the cues “wait” and “stay” (which we cover more formally in Level 2) as they are used to help with the start of door manners (also explored more fully in Level 2) and with relaxing in the sit or down position. Finally, beyond keeping all four feet on the ground, we introduce greetings in general- how does the dog greet people when excited- how can we bring PACE into greetings and throughout the dog’s behaviors.

Level 2

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$1,100- includes 10 days of daycare

*Level 1 Daycare with Training is a pre-requisite

Level 2 builds on the manners and foundation behaviors learned in Level 1 and continues to work on impulse control and the ability to follow cues. This level focuses on “wait”, “stay” (with distance between you and the dog and with duration), “leave it”, “drop it”, getting a dog to settle down quickly when they are excited, door manners, and building on some of the cues learned previously so that dogs can do them reliably without a hand signal. 

Level 3

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$1,100- includes 10 days of daycare

*Level 2 Daycare with Training is a pre-requisite

Level 3 uses the skills learned in the other levels such as PACE, “down”, “wait”, “stay”, etc. to work on more advanced skills and tricks! Dogs will learn “come”, “stay” (expanded to now be done with distractions), “place”, and so much more. Once your dog is working at this level they can often learn new tricks more quickly and we will help teach them new cute tricks.

Level: Continuation

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$1,100- includes 10 days of daycare

We believe, just like with people, each dog learns at their own pace and that dogs benefit the most from learning when it can be done lifelong. If you feel that your dog would benefit from more time learning or having skills reinforced at any level of training they can continue at that level. Any level can be repeated as many times as desired and as often as needed. Doing a continuation of a level allows more time devoted to reinforcement of skills including working on each skill with more distractions present and in new ways to work towards mastering the skills at a higher level so that they continue to grow. Dogs who learn more slowly because of their learning style or because they are skittish etc. can really benefit from this additional time. Additionally, if you don’t have time to devote to ongoing reinforcement of skills at home, it can be helpful to make sure that these learned skills are reinforced more formally on an ongoing basis during their daycare days. Finally, your dog will greatly benefit from continuing to exercise their body AND mind during their day at BLDHTX. If you feel that your dog has not fully grasped their current level of learning we highly suggest doing a continuation session before moving on to the next level and in some cases this may be required before advancement to the next level.


Archie playing Mental Stimulation

$25 add-on with Daycare or Boarding

*Level 1 Daycare with Training is a pre-requisite

Level 1+ is essentially an enrichment style of Daycare. Dogs who have completed Level 1 or higher of training can enroll in Level 1+ Daycare with Training. On Level 1+ days dogs will enjoy daycare but also participate in short activities outside of daycare. These activities will include reinforcement of their training and time with mental stimulation games/toys which increase problem solving, impulse control, and focus. This enrichment style daycare will allow them to enjoy both mental and physical fun throughout their day while reinforcing their learning.

Level 1+ Training with Daycare days can be added as individual days but we recommend making reservations in advance as spots are limited.


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$1,100- includes 10 days of daycare

Level 1 Daycare with Training is a pre-requisite

This training is specially designed for skittish or shy dogs that struggle with people in general, with strangers, or with new situations. Level 1 Daycare with Training is a pre-requisite as it lays some foundation of trust and skills for us to build on while we focus in on continuing to build their confidence with people and in more stimulating environments. Building confidence in shy dogs is an ongoing task that takes a lot of time and trust building- we would love to be part of your dog's growth and help them understand that they can be loved by many and safe in new situations. This course is also helpful for dogs that are fearful of being touched on certain areas of their body (back, feet, tail, ears, head, etc) as we can begin to help with desensitization with positive reinforcement over time- this has many applications including allowing safer handling at home, with new people, or for processes such as grooming.

Training Assessment

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$20 add-on

Can be done with Daycare or Temperament Evaluation M-F

If you would like to do training at BLDHTX and your dog has previously attended training elsewhere, you can opt to have your dog’s training level assessed to see if they are able to start at a higher level.  Training is assessed based on your dog’s ability to follow cues and to do so while relaxed and focused. During the assessment we will determine if your dog is ready to move to a higher level or if they would benefit from reinforcement of their previous learning through our Level 1 course. If your dog is new to our facility and you feel that they may be able to better show their skills after attending daycare for a while, you can add another Training Assessment at a later date to have your dog re-assessed before booking training.

Board and Train

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$1,400- includes boarding M-F for two consecutive weeks

If you want your dog to do training but you aren’t able to bring them back and forth to daycare, Board and Train may be a great choice. Our 10 day Board and Train packages are M-F for two consecutive weeks. The dogs go home on the weekend to rest and practice what they have learned (but if you are unable to pick your dog up for the weekend you can add extra boarding days to the stay and have them stay during the weekend too). Just like Training with Daycare, during Board and Train we take the dog in and out of play time for mini training sessions. This is a great way for them to learn and gives the dog some breaks from play during a boarding stay. Once they are strong with their cues, we work with them on training around more distractions including in the daycare room! We tailor their training and pace based on their previous learning and needs. For more information about things that we work on during a Board and Train check out the levels training listed on this page.

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