Sheena has always had dogs in her life and loves them so much. When her own little scruffy terrier passed, she knew that she wanted to find a job where she could spend time with dogs. She says that her time at BLDHTX is one of the best parts of her day because of how much fun she has with the dogs and how much she loves them. Her dream is to one day open a dog sanctuary. When not at BLDHTX you can find her working in Retail Merchandising, or enjoying painting, music, or reading.  


Shift Supervisor


Joey has experience in customer service and front desk work- at BLDHTX he enjoys combining that with his love for animals. At BLDHTX he enjoys interacting with lots of different types of dogs and seeing their personalities shine through. He says his favorite thing is "seeing their little tails wag when they walk through the door". His love for animals has been life long- growing up he loved both dogs and amphibians. At home, he enjoys spending time with his partner and with their miniature schnauzer mix named Bowser. 


Front Desk

Blaira has always loved animals of all kinds. She grew up with rabbits and a lab mix named Shadow. At a young age, she started pet sitting and volunteered at therapeutic horse ranches. She currently lives with two kittens and hopes to have a dog again soon. In the meantime, she enjoys her time with all of the dogs at BLDHTX. She says she loves the Temperament Evaluation days because she loves to see the dogs make new friends (with both the other dogs and the people). When not at BLDHTX she loves to read and watch movies and her favorite genre is fantasy. Her big dream is to one day run an animal rescue. 


Care Staff


Jannis picked up her first stray dog when she was about 12 years old and has been rescuing and spending her time with animals ever since. At home she has 4 big dogs and 5 cats. She previously worked at a vet clinic and is currently in school working toward her goal of becoming a veterinarian. She loves spending time at BLDHTX, playing with the dogs, learning about all the small dog breeds and mixes, and getting to know all of their personalities. When not at BLDHTX she can be found doing school work or enjoying time at the park with her dogs.


Front Desk & Shift Superviser


Jeff has lived with rescue dogs his whole life- he was born into a home with a Dachshund and has lived with dogs big and small. He currently doesn’t own a dog but loves taking care of his family’s dogs and knows he’ll own his own rescue dog again in the future. Some of his favorite things about dogs are how excited they are to see people and their never-ending amounts of love. When not at BLDHTX, Jeff enjoys spending time reading and writing.  


Care Staff


Mauricio first fell in love with dogs at the early age of 4 when his family got a Rottweiler who quickly became his friend. Throughout his life he’s lived with everything from Chihuahuas to 90 lb German Shepherds and usually both at once! He has volunteered in animal rescue and likes to give back to animals because they bring him so much joy. He loves how the dogs each have unique personalities. When not at BLDHTX you can find him as a referee for soccer, bringing the family dogs to the dog park in one big pack, or spending time with his wife and their young son.


Care Staff


Annia grew up with small dogs and when she was young she wanted to one day be a vet. Her career path has changed and she is now studying coding but her time at BLDHTX has honed an interest in making an app related to animals. She says that being with the little dogs at BLDHTX makes her day! Her animal interests are vast- she has lived overseas in Nigeria and Kenya and while there enjoyed safaris and visiting animal sanctuaries. When not at work she enjoys working out, traveling, hanging out with friends and family, writing music, and singing.


Front Desk


Kourtney grew up with dogs of all sizes and loves them. She isn’t able to currently have a dog at home so loves coming to work each day to see all of her little friends. As part of our front desk staff, she says that one of her favorite parts of the job is seeing the dogs light up when their parents come in to pick them up. Kourtney is an English major in school and when not at work you can find her buried in a book- she loves fiction! Kourtney hopes to one day go into publishing or become a librarian.


Luke & Kerry



Luke and Kerry are complete pet lovers. They both grew up with pets and have enjoyed keeping pets at the heart of their daily lives. They have two of their own dogs, Link and Andre- though both are too big for BLDHTX. They have plenty of experience with little dogs and all types of pets as the owners of Boon Pet Care ( where they do in-home pet sitting. Kerry is also the founder of Westbury CARE, a 501c3 animal rescue in Southwest Houston ( Kerry and Luke became the owners of The Best Little Dog House in Texas in 2015.

John & Debra



John and Debra can't wait to meet your four legged friends. They have dedicated their lives to pets and pet parents. John has been grooming for 7 years and teaching new grooming stylists the last 4 years. With John's highest recommendation, we have added Debra to our grooming team. John trained, mentored and oversaw Debra's grooms since meeting in 2011. We couldn't be more happy to add another skilled and caring groomer to the team!



Shift Supervisor &

Marketing Manager

Eric has been with us since April 2016. He has 3 little dogs of his own and loves being at BLDHTX where he gets to spend time with more little ones.

In his free time Eric enjoys photography- his dogs and the dogs at BLDHTX are some of his favorite models! Eric is also a foster parent

for Westbury CARE because he loves making a difference and loves dogs. 

Care Staff


Ethan says that his two main passions are animals and art. He currently splits his time between these two things by working at BLDHTX and working towards his associates degree in Fine Arts. He lives with dogs and cats but says dogs are his favorite due to how friendly and playful they are. When not at BLDHTX you can probably find him being creative: he likes drawing, digital art, animation, and playing the guitar.



Care Staff


More on Wilmer coming soon!


Care Staff


Jose enjoys his overnights at BLDHTX. He says one of his favorite things is the cage-free environment and "being able to soothe and comfort little dogs that might miss their parents when they are not there". Jose is a pet parent and lives with 2 chihuahuas (Lola and Oreo) and a pitbull/lab mix (Lucky). He also fosters for Westbury CARE so he has a lot of experience with dogs of all types including fearful dogs just adjusting to new situations. When not at BLDHTX, Jose keeps himself busy with other jobs and volunteering at Habitat for Humanity and The Mission Continues. In his free time, Jose enjoys jamming on his guitar, mountain biking, skydiving, or camping! 


Care Staff


Nick grew up living with eight or more dogs in his house at all times- his family fostered dogs for Homeless & Orphaned Pets Endeavor. Now he only lives with one dog and then gets to see all the little dogs at work each day. Although he grew up with big dogs he is enjoying his time with the little dogs at BLDHTX and says he likes working to give the dogs a comfortable relaxed environment. Nick is a communications major and when not at work he enjoys longboarding.


Care Staff


Sean grew up with animals and is particularly excited to have a new pug puppy at home. As soon as Archie is done his puppy vaccines Sean plans to have him playing at BLDHTX! Sean says he likes coming to work each day because of the pure joy and happiness the dogs give him. Sean is in school for Process Technology but when not at work or school you would find him either meditating or being active in nature- rock climbing, skate boarding, camping, or hiking.


Care Staff


Jacob has been around animals his whole life and loves it- he says he’d be a fool to stop now and that he has not yet met a dog that he doesn’t like. He lives with both dogs and cats at home and his family has fostered animals through Houston Cares Animal Rescue. He says that being at BLDHTX doesn’t feel that much like work because he likes being with the dogs so much and that it makes him really happy. When he’s not at work he likes to relax at home with his own pets and enjoys watching movies and TV.