Luke and Kerry are complete pet lovers. They both grew up with pets and have enjoyed keeping pets at the heart of their daily lives. They have two of their own dogs, Link and Andre- though both are too big for BLDHTX. They have plenty of experience with little dogs and all types of pets as the owners of Boon Pet Care (booncare.com) where they do in-home dog walking. Kerry is also the founder of Houston Cares Animal Rescue, a 501c3 animal rescue in Houston (houstoncaresrescue.org). Kerry and Luke became the owners of The Best Little Dog House in Texas in 2015.




Joey has experience in customer service and front desk work- at BLDHTX he enjoys combining that with his love for animals. At BLDHTX he enjoys interacting with lots of different types of dogs and seeing their personalities shine through. He says his favorite thing is "seeing their little tails wag when they walk through the door". His love for animals has been life long- growing up he loved both dogs and amphibians. At home, he enjoys spending time with his partner and with their miniature schnauzer mix named Bowser. 




Cristina grew up with all kinds of animals in her home and when she became a mother herself she made sure to raise her children around animals also. She was a stay at home mom when her kids were young but later looked for part time work. In 2010 her love of animals brought her to Petsmart where she started as a bather in their grooming department- a job that she really liked that eventually turned into full time work and which she did for two years. A year into her work there, she continued to pursue her passion at the next level and went to the grooming academy. At BLDHTX, she loves that the dogs are cage free and happier. She loves making the pet parents happy by grooming the dogs so they go home looking beautiful. When not at work, she is a homebody and enjoys relaxing at home with her kids and dogs.




Sabrina found her love of grooming through her love of rescue and helping animals. She grew up in a home full of rescue animals- her mom was always bringing stray dogs and cats home and now Sabrina does the same. She currently lives with her pit mix, 5 foster cats, and 3 foster dogs! She started grooming by being self-taught and helping very matted rescue dogs in need. She says she loved seeing how the dogs were transformed and how you could tell they felt better afterwards- this led her to seek a career in grooming. In 2018 she attended PetSmart Grooming Academy and then became a full time groomer at PetSmart. She says she feels like she definitely found her career path- she’s doing something she loves, working with animals, and making a difference for the dogs. She loves the quiet and friendly environment of BLDHTX and says that it is conducive to really focusing on connecting with the dogs and perfecting each groom. When she is not at work she likes to walk her dogs, hike, and help with emergency animal rescue situations.


Shift Supervisor & Trainer


Sheena has always had dogs in her life and loves them so much. When her own little scruffy terrier passed, she knew that she wanted to find a job where she could spend time with dogs. She says that her time at BLDHTX is one of the best parts of her day because of how much fun she has with the dogs and how much she loves them. Her dream is to one day open a dog sanctuary. When not at BLDHTX you can find her enjoying painting, music, or reading.  


Shift Supervisor & Trainer


Jeff has lived with rescue dogs his whole life- he was born into a home with a Dachshund and has lived with dogs big and small. He currently doesn’t own a dog but loves taking care of his family’s dogs and knows he’ll own his own rescue dog again in the future. Some of his favorite things about dogs are how excited they are to see people and their never-ending amounts of love. When not at BLDHTX, Jeff enjoys spending time reading and writing.  


Marketing Manager & Shift Supervisor


Eric has been with us since April 2016. He has 3 little dogs of his own and loves being at BLDHTX where he gets to spend time with more little ones. In his free time Eric enjoys photography- his dogs and the dogs at BLDHTX are some of his favorite models! Eric is also a foster parent for Houston Cares Animal Rescue because he loves making a difference and loves dogs. 


Care Staff


Matt grew up around dogs, lots of dogs. His first dog was a large street rescue but his parents also bred labs so there were always a lot of dogs to play with. He loves that being at BLDHTX keeps him on his feet and busy and the fact that every dog is really different and he gets a chance to learn each dog's personality. When he is not at BLDHTX, he enjoys cooking and playing with other people's dogs. Matt has recently started studying to be a dog trainer and looks forward to continuing to work with dogs in daycare while also adding training in the future. 


Care Staff


Mauricio first fell in love with dogs at the early age of 4 when his family got a Rottweiler who quickly became his friend. Throughout his life he’s lived with everything from Chihuahuas to 90 lb German Shepherds and usually both at once! He has volunteered in animal rescue and likes to give back to animals because they bring him so much joy. He loves how the dogs each have unique personalities. When not at BLDHTX you can find him as a referee for soccer, bringing the family dogs to the dog park in one big pack, or spending time with his wife and their young son.

Elieesa (Staff Photo).png

Care Staff


Ellicia has always lived with and loved dogs. She has had dogs in a range of sizes from a Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix to a Great Dane/Boxer mix! She has worked as a dog walker and at a facility that focused on basic training, enrichment, and small group work for dogs that weren’t able to play in larger groups. Her favorite thing about coming to BLDHTX each day is that she gets to meet a lot of dogs yet gets to really know each dog’s individual personality while spending quality time with them. When not at BLDHTX, she likes to play video games and learn new languages- she is currently studying Spanish and Korean. She hopes to one day finish a graduate degree in Intercultural Communication.  


Care Staff


Jose enjoys his overnights at BLDHTX. He says one of his favorite things is the cage-free environment and "being able to soothe and comfort little dogs that might miss their parents when they are not there". Jose is a pet parent and lives with 2 chihuahuas (Lola and Oreo) and a pitbull/lab mix (Lucky). He also fosters for Westbury CARE so he has a lot of experience with dogs of all types including fearful dogs just adjusting to new situations. When not at BLDHTX, Jose keeps himself busy with other jobs and volunteering at Habitat for Humanity and The Mission Continues. In his free time, Jose enjoys jamming on his guitar, mountain biking, skydiving, or camping! 

Jessica (Staff Profile).jpg

Care Staff


Jessica lives with and grew up with German Shepherds. She loves animals and also has snakes and a hedgehog. She has been working in doggie daycares since 2016 and loves having a job where she enjoys going to work each day and can play with dogs. She says that she particularly likes BLDHTX because of the positive teamwork environment and ongoing learning about working with the dogs. When she’s not at work you can find her skateboarding at the park, taking care of her animals, or working on her car- she plans to go to school to become a mechanic.


Care Staff


Elahe grew up around all types of animals- dogs, cats, rabbits, fish, lizards. Her father always had pitbulls- when she was born there was a litter with 12! At BLDHTX she loves seeing all of the dogs’ different personalities from the energetic puppies to the “old ladies and men”. She says that this is a dream job for any kid and she never grew out of that dream. She is currently in school working towards a double major in Radio & Film Technology and History- she is excited about where the creative projects of the degrees can take her.  When not at work or school, you can find her relaxing and catching up on TV series- especially sitcoms, or playing competitive air hockey.

Jonathan Staff_Photos.jpg

 Care Staff


Jay grew up in West Texas and has lived with small dogs since he was 5- he can’t remember a time that he didn’t have a dog. He loves being around the dogs at BLDHTX because they surround him with life and energy all day. He says that he gets super attached to the regulars but also loves meeting each new dog, learning all their names, and watching puppies grow up and develop their personalities. When he isn’t at BLDHTX he loves taking French classes and watching French TV shows to help him learn- he hopes to one day move to France!

Alondra Staff Photo.jpg

 Care Staff


Alondra grew up with large dogs- boxers, labs, and pitbulls. She currently has two pitbulls of her own – a puppy and an adult. This is her first animal related job and she says she loves meeting different people, different dogs, and working in a fun environment. When she isn’t at BLDHTX she enjoys socializing with friends and spending time with her family- including her son who is almost 2.


 Care Staff


Jonathon grew up in South Texas with lots of animals- dogs, pigs, chickens, goats. He currently lives with his brother’s Mini Schnauzer and his Pitbull Mix lives in South Texas with family. This is not his first job with animals; he previously worked at an animal clinic doing their kennels and doggie daycare. After a year and a half away from working with animals, he is so happy to be back! He loves spending time with the dogs, cuddling with them, getting to know each new dog, and forming relationships with the ones that come more often. When he’s not at work, he likes spending time with his three year old daughter and playing video games with his cousins in California. 


Care Staff


Kristy has lived with dogs her whole life but now has dogs and other animals- she says that instead of a living room she basically has a reptile room with several enclosures! Besides having pets of her own, she has also worked and volunteered with animals since she was 14. She loves doing overnights at BLDHTX where she gets to cuddle with the dogs and give them love. When she is not at BLDHTX you can find her managing a restaurant that her family owns, spending time with her family- including her animals and 4 kids, or enjoying one of her favorite hobbies- reading, painting, and baking.